Supporting individuals and families in the Stirlingshire area who are experiencing homelessness, housing difficulties and financial hardship.

Crisis Food Bank

CFB PhotoCFB PhotoStart-Up Stirling aims to help local individuals and families through the provision of emergency food supplies and support to access other services.  For people on low incomes, a sudden crisis, failing or delay in receiving benefits, redundancy or an unexpected bill may mean going hungry. Every day parents skip meals to feed their children and some are forced to choose between paying the rent and bills or eating.


In order to ensure we have enough donations to meet the demand of this new service, it is crucial to encourage an increase in donations and volunteer interest to build on the existing support we deliver.

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We operate a robust referral only service and work with partner organisations in the community to ensure the provision goes to those most in need.

We do not take self referrals or support anyone who is told to  ‘turn up’ and

we do not give out food coupons or vouchers. 

This ensures the goodwill and donations are not abused and go to those who have a real need.  This service is operated as a last resort and we ask our referring partners to ensure that recipients have fully explored other means of support.

It is important to share that our service is ‘more than food’.  We ensure we work with other support services to help those in need engage in finding long term solutions whilst we try to help them manage their immediate crisis.  We are doing our best to stop the revolving door of crisis for these individuals and families. 

We currently operate on a Monday and Wednesday at community access points in two locations in Stirlingshire and hope to develop two additional community access points in the coming months.

At least 70% of the goods which are distributed are donated by the local community and this effort is essential to ensure we can sustain the service and increase our capacity to meet the need.  Anything our supporters can do to set up donation stations, local community collections, encourage fundraising and volunteering will make a world of difference to our efforts.

Our main referrers to the service are currently Stirling Council (Housing and Criminal Justice), Stirling Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Stirling Women’s Aid, Homestart, Forth Valley College and many smaller organisations.  These agencies receive full training in our systems and we build strong relationships with our partners to ensure the system works well.

We hope this has given you a summary of our work so far.  We would welcome any comments or feedback and are happy for you to circulate within your own networks to ensure as many people are aware of our services.